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About Us

The Cedar Lake Recreation Association (CLRA) was created in 1973 under the Michigan Act 137, 1929, Summer Resort Act, that represents all the property owners around the shores of Cedar Lake. The lake is divided into eight areas, with a representative selected from each area. CLRA is a Voluntary Corporation with its board of directors consisting of four officers and the eight area representatives.

Our Mailing address is:
Cedar Lake Recreation Association
P. O. Box 472
Marcellus, MI 49067

CLRA Officers

President Jane Harvey
Vice President Joe Weist
Secretary Barb Walters
Treasurer Unfilled

Area Representatives

Area 1 John Lyons
Area 2 Jackie Tucholke
Area 3 Don Dewey
Area 4 Janice Rooks
Area 5 Ann Poehlman
Area 6 Lisa Bucher
Area 7 Barb Mauk
Area 8 Barb Walters

Diane Battaglia is the "new resident" greeter. Please let her know if we have any new neighbors.