Cedar Lake 2017 Fish Stocking Update

Don Dewey submitted his annual request to the Michigan DNR regarding the stocking of fish in Cedar Lake. The response received from Brian Gunderman, Southern Lake Michigan Unit Manager,Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Fisheries Division, is summarized below.

The plan is to stock approximately 13,450 spring fingerling walleyes in Cedar Lake in late May-early June of this year. The fish typically are 1.0-1.5 inches long at the time of stocking. Cedar Lake is not on their survey work plan for 2017-2018. The Michigan DNR will start talking about survey work plans for 2019 in December. They have two types of surveys. About half of the lake surveys come from a randomly generated list that is used to assess general statewide trends in fish populations. Cedar Lake has over 100 lakes ahead of it on that list. The other half are discretionary surveys selected by the local biologists. That is the best bet for getting a survey on Cedar Lake in the near future. Given the DNR's investment in stocking the lake, they would like to do an early spring netting survey on Cedar Lake to assess the walleye population. Although walleyes would be the focus, they also would collect information on other fish species captured during the survey. One of their goals for this winter is to develop a long-term plan for surveying all of the stocked walleye lakes in the Southern Lake Michigan Unit. The hope is to have a better prediction next spring regarding the date for the next Cedar Lake fish survey.