Cedar Lake Sewer Project Progress Report - March 5, 2014

The following information was provided by Courtney Rousseau of Wightman & Associates, Inc.:

Contract A (collection system): To date, main line sewer and services have been completed on Cedarama Drive. Main line sewer on Shaw Road, Lake Street, and the private drive south of the boat launch are all nearly complete, with services still needing to be completed. The contractor plans to move in a clockwise fashion around the lake when work resumes and the current roads they are working on are completed. The new substantial completion date for this contract is tentatively set for June 1st.

Contract B (lift stations and interconnecting forcemain): All 6” Forcemain is completed. All grinder stations and lift stations are set and plumbed with the exception of one. Contract B plans to be substantially complete within 2-3 weeks of returning to site, which tentatively lands on March 28th.

As I’m sure you know, this winter has been treacherous. It has been difficult for contractors to complete work with the deep levels of frost much different from previous years. The original intention was for contractors to work through the winter but it just was not possible with weather conditions. Both contractors understand the importance of completing this project as quickly as possible and are pulling all their resources in order to do so. We thank the residents of Cedar Lake for their cooperation and positive attitudes throughout this project. If residents have any questions or concerns, our inspector Dave Mitchell would probably be best to answer those. He can be reached at 269-449-6845.