Water Treatment on May 29, 2013

On May 29, 2013 PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. spot treated Cedar Lake for Curlyleaf pondweed with the chemical Diquat Dibromide. The following restrictions apply for this chemical in the treated areas:

Chemical product/active ingredient Chemical trade name Do Not Use this water for swimming or bathing until Do Not Use this water for ornamentals or turf irrigation until Do Not Use this water for domestic purposes or agriculture irrigation until Do Not Use this water for livestock watering or similar purposes until
Diquat Dibromide Tribune

1 Day(s)

3 Day(s)

5 Day(s)

1 Day(s)

For a complete listing of all product labels, please see the PLM website. The chemicals used for Aquatic Nuisance Control are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The potential for damage to fish and other non-target organisms is minimal provided that the product is used as directed on the product label and the permit. To minimize the possible effects on health and the environment, the treated water is restricted for the above purposes.

The areas of the lake that were treated are shown on the map below: