Water Treatment on August 21, 2019

On August 21, 2019 PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. is scheduled to treat Cedar Lake for Eurasian Milfoil and Starry Stonewort. The Eurasian Milfoil (marked in yellow on the lake image) will be treated with Renovate OTF in the larger areas, Tribune in the small spots, and the new systemic, Procellacor, in Area 4 of Cedarama Shores. Starry Stonewort (marked in blue on the lake image), an algae, will be treated with copper sulfate and Hydrothol in Area 1, Willis Plat 2 and Area 2, Graham Beach. More areas could be treated if they are found to need attention but all areas treated will be posted with signs listing the chemical used.The following restrictions apply for these chemicals in the treated areas:

Chemical product/active ingredient Chemical trade name Do Not Use this water for swimming or bathing until Do Not Use this water for ornamentals or turf irrigation until Do Not Use this water for domestic purposes or agriculture irrigation until Do Not Use this water for livestock watering or similar purposes until
Triclopyr granular Renovate OTF, Renovate OTF LZR

1 Day(s)

Site-specific recommendation* No restriction for established turf/grasses

120 Day(s) or until assay indicates 1ppb or less. N/A on domestic

See product label
Diquat Dibromide Reward, Tribune

1 Day(s)

3 Day(s)

5 Day(s)

1 Day(s)




Copper Sulfate  




Endothall Aquathol K, Hydrothol 191

1 Day(s)


14 Day(s)

14 Day(s)

For a complete listing of all product labels, please see the PLM website.

N/A = Not Applicable

*Site-Specific recommendations to limit ornamental irrigation with Renovate & Sculpin granular treated water will typically last 2-14 days. Contact PLM for further information.

The chemicals used for Aquatic Nuisance Control are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The potential for damage to fish and other non-target organisms is minimal provided that the product is used as directed on the product label and the permit. To minimize the possible effects on health and the environment, the treated water is restricted for the above purposes.

The areas of the lake that scheduled to be treated on August 21, 2019 are shown on the lake photo below in yellow and blue. The areas marked in red and purple are scheduled to be treated at a later date.